24 sep
Vendredi 24 Septembre, 9h00. Pasteur +0

Séminaire Interne de Josephine Loricco

Post-doctorante UMR 5240 MAP, équipe M2E


Characterization of Archaeal Membranes with Charged Polar Headgroups at High Temperature and Pressure

Archaea can live under extreme conditions of temperature(>70°C) and pressure (>400 bar). How are the membranes of archaea able to remain functional under these conditions? The answer may be found by studying the unique lipids found in Archaea which contain (1) G1P rather than the G3P stereochemistry found in bacterial lipids, (2) ether rather than ester linkages, and (3) branched isoprenoid hydrocarbon chains. Archaea are known to have lipids with diverse polar headgroups and that the composition of these headgroups in the membrane can change with pressure and temperature. The structure and dynamics of Archaea-like membranes with several different polar headgroups were characterized at temperatures up to 85°C and pressures up to 1 kbar in order to gain insights into the role of the polar headgroup in adaptation to extreme environments. In addition, the influence of the ether bond and the backbone stereochemistry of archaeal lipids were also explored. 



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