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Open position of Professor of Biology at INSA Lyon

Teams - 18/01/2022

Laboratoire - 07/10/2021

Ici, une variation nous faisant passer du micocosme au macrocosme, avec vol aggravé de sucre par bandit en trompe-l'oeuil et cravate blanche.

Laboratoire - 04/10/2021

Laboratoire - 03/10/2021

From outside ! Dr (α) Jekyl and Mister (β) Hyde. NusG homologs regulate transcription and coupled processes in all living organisms. The Escherichia coli (E. coli) two-domain paralogs NusG and RfaH have been shown in a recent Cell paper to bear identical N-terminal domains (NTDs) but dramatically different carboxy-terminal domains (CTDs), a β barrel in NusG and an α hairpin in RfaH.