28 fév

Visite HCERES de l'UMR

vendredi 28 février

Le Comité HCERES visite notre Unité MAP pour évaluation quinquennale

06 mar

Journal-Club: Nano mechanics of (myco)bacterial cell division

Vendredi 6 mars, 9h30

J-Club on a paper from Nature Physics, by Yvan Rahbé: "Overlapping and essential roles for molecular and mechanical mechanisms in mycobacterial cell division" (2019)

20 mar

Invited seminar (11h00, Pasteur IMBL Bldg Seminar Hall): Stéphanie Bedhomme (CEFE Montpellier)

Vendredi 20 mars, 11h

Following evolution after the horizontal transfer of synonymous versions of an antibiotic resistance gene

27 mar

Ball-Trap seminar on Guschinskaya et al. In prep

Vendredi 27 mars, 9h00

Ball-Trap on the paper Guschinskaya et al. in prep (to Mol.Cell Proteomics), by Yvan Rahbé