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Call for new teams and researchers

We are seeking outstanding researchers who address fundamental questions across the spectrum of research in molecular microbiology. We particularly encourage researchers using transdisciplinary approaches to understand the fundamental principles of adaptive responses in microorganisms. These could have an impact in biotechnology, in agronomy or on global health.

The MAP seeks highly motivated scientists to develop and lead independent high quality research programs. Projects with the potential for synergy with current MAP teams will be particularly appreciated. Candidates are expected to compete successfully for national and international funding, and to meet requirements for an eventual permanent French researcher position (University Lyon1, INSA de Lyon, CNRS). Successful candidates will have access to office and lab space, to modern tools and expertise available in the MAP as well as the local technical platforms (microscopy, greenhouses, DNA/RNA sequencing, bioinformatics). Applications should be sent by email to They should include a CV, a summary of research achievements, a 2-3 page research proposal and contact details for recommendations.

We are currently seeking specific candidates for a couple of projects such as those described below. General information to compete for a CNRS permanent position can be consulted here.