Transversal axes

The unit has a specific support policy for projects favoring synergic interactions between the different teams on structuring topics, in order to favor the emergence of a very clear identity of our unit at the local, national and international levels.

The following two axes have been selected for the next five-year period (2021-2025):

  • “Plant microbe pathogenesis: from gene to networks” (F. Hommais, M. Choquer): use of a multidisciplinary approach combining methodologies from genetics, biochemistry, bioinformatics and high resolution imaging to characterize virulence genes, their spatial dynamics and the mechanisms of their coordination (genetic and metabolic networks) during interaction with the plant.

  • “Microbial interfaces: from structure to signaling” (M. Hugoni, A. Soulard): use of cellular and/or multi-scale and biophysical imaging approaches to better understand the spatio-temporal links between membrane structures and/or envelope, intracellular dynamics and molecular mechanisms involved in signaling networks during the adaptive response of microbes to environmental signals.