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19 Jan

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Open position of Professor of biology at INSA

The teaching duties will take place at the BioSciences engineering department, which offers two training courses: Bioinformatics and Modelling (BIM) and Biochemistry and Biotechnology (BB).
It will be centered on the study of microorganisms in an integrative framework.The candidate must be strongly trained in microbiology, molecular genetics, bioinformatics, in order to insert in a broad range of teaching duties at the Department (including doctoral training). The hired Professor will get strongly involved in the activities of the Department, with the future possibility to undertake the responsibility of the Microbiology ad Genetic engineering teaching platform.

Contact: Carole Knibbe, head of Department.

Research: UMR5240 Microbiologie, Adaptation et Pathogénie
Research Field : Microbiology, Systems Biology, Bacterial chromosome engineering, Gene/metabolic networks, Gene regulation, Bioinformatics

The hired Professor will first rely on the team “Chromatin Structure and Regulation of Bacterial Pathogenesis (CRP)”, located inside the Pasteur building of INSA Lyon, in order to develop a research programme complementary to the present studies of this team. The objective of CRP is to propose an integrative vision of the regulation of gene expression in plant-pathogen interaction. Depending on the evolution of human resources and available space in the Pasteur building, the hired Professor may then create his/her own team or become team leader of CRP.
The hired Professor will develop an innovative project with a systems biology approach, aiming at:
- either studying the close interplay between the bacterial chromosome structure and the control of genetic expression, possibly including genome engineering or editing aspects.
- or rebuild metabolic and virulence regulation networks, in order to analyze the interplay between metabolism and virulence, and ultimately, develop a modelling of the infection dynamics of the pathogen, that integrates inter- and intra-organisms signaling processes during plant/pathogen interaction.
- any structuring project dedicated to strengthen the systems biology of plant pathogenic bacteria will be considered, even if not fulfilling the two previous items.
The candidate must have team management skills, as well as skills required for a systems biology project, in particular in genetic regulation, metabolic networks or functional genomics domains.

Contact: William Nasser

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