Former bachelor and Master Students

- Claire Ferrand (M2 Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lyon)

- Mehdi Chabert (M2 Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lyon)

- Fanny Joubert (M2 Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lyon)

- Barbara Bourgade (BS, University of Aberdeen, Scotland)

- Clélia Giraudot (L3 ENSL, Lyon)

- Marthe Priouret (L3, ENSL, Lyon)


Former PhDs

- Marta Salvador-Castell (PhD 2019), now Post-doctoral fellow at University of California San Diego

- Elodie Denet (PhD 2017) now engineer at Société Ouvry, Oullins

- Salma Ouali (PhD 2017), now engineer at Orange.

- Jean-Loup Cadiou (PhD 2017), now PRAG at University of Toulon

- Anaïs Cario (PhD 2013), now IR at ICMCB CNRS in Bordeaux

- Margaux Meslé (PhD 2103), now at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT (USA)


Former Post-doctoral fellows and engineers

- Natalia Guschinskaya

- Vivianne Chansavang


Former assistant professors

- Corinne Dorel, now at the Direction of INSA Lyon (Communication)

- Bénédicte Coupat-Goutaland, now at CIRI (Lyon)


Former techs under contract

- Estelle Régoudis, now at Eurofins Biomnis

- Maud Souchon, now at High Connexion, Oullins



- Dr. Pauline Vannier (MATIS, Reykjavik, Iceland)

- Pr. Nicholas Brooks (Imperial College, London, UK)

- Cécile Dalmasso (University of Bretagne Ouest, Brest, France)