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Post-Doc offer (24 mois)

M2E looks for a motivated post-doctoral fellow to work on the cultivation and characterization of the first Woesearchaeota, a phylum of Archaea described very recently.

This project has been funded by the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1. It will be conducted within a more genral study on the microbial ecology of an hypersaline, hyperalkaline lake in Mayotte, Dziani Dzaha. Due to its physico-chemical setting, this lake is considered as a modern analogue of aechaean oceans.

This lake is colonized only by microbes, with specific adaptative traits, and the archaeal assemblage is dominated by Woesearchaeota, which offers a unique opportunity to culture them in order to access their physiology and ecology, and understand their role in the functionning of this ecosystem.

The main aim of this work is to bring into culture a novel group of Archaea which has no cultured representative to date. Isolate and characterize the diversity of Archaea in lake Dziani Dzaha. The characterization of Archaea will include a complete physiological and phenotypical in order to allow the description of these new archeal species. The initial duration of the position is 24 months, with the possibilty to apply to european funding (MSCA) if eligible.

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