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Opportunity of CNRS Junior Professor Chair (CPJ) at the interface between MAP and LEHNA Lab in Lyon

"How microorganisms adapt to extreme conditions and climate change"


Contact : William Nasser & Philippe Oger

Deadline for submitting the application : April 14/2023 at midnight (Paris time)


Project name : Adaptation to extreme conditions

Summary of the scientific project : 

The development of massive sequencing approaches has promoted the understanding that microorganisms (the microbiota) are at the base of all ecosystems on Earth, responsible for their good or bad health. In the current context of global climate change, understanding the mechanisms by which microorganisms have adapted over geological time, and will adapt to current changes, is of major importance in order to understand and anticipate the future evolution of ecosystems in the near and distant future.

High throughput sequencing technologies have given access to the catalog of all organisms present in these biotopes, and offer access to their gene content, which allows us to ask the question of adaptation to extreme conditions in terms of the response of communities and cells to extreme conditions and to variations in these conditions. Today, these data are used by distinct scientific communities that seek to answer this question separately using complementary approaches.

It is therefore necessary to associate centers of excellence mastering respectively mechanistic and functional ecology approaches to create a synergy around the studies of the molecular and population bases of adaptations to extreme conditions.


Target duration : 5 years

Scientific theme : Microbiology of Extreme Environments and Climate Change

Corresponding CNU/CoNRS/CSS section(s): Sections 21 and 29  CoNRS.