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03 nov

Équipes de recherche

Pop (again): Prix de Thèse pour Marta Salvador-Castell (M2E)

Apolar lipids: the membrane adaptation toolbox of extremophiles 


Doctoral School : ED341 Evolution Ecosystèmes Microbiologie Modélisation

Most of Earth’s biotopes are under extreme environmental conditions, e.g. distant from the optimal life conditions for humans. Nevertheless, a large biological diversity of organisms, the extremophiles, inhabit such environments. For instance, organisms living at deep-sea hydrothermal vents experience temperatures above 100°C, high concentrations of reduced metals, the absence of oxygen and high hydrostatic pressures. To date, there is no understanding of the molecular mechanisms enabling them to sustain such extreme conditions. The cell membrane is particularly sensitive to external conditions, but at the same time must maintain specific physical properties, such as fluidity and permeability, to preserve the integrity and functionality of the cell. This thesis work seeks to understand how the lipid bilayer can remain functional at high temperatures and high pressures and thus can allow life under extreme conditions.

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