17 sep
Vendredi 17 Sep 11h

Séminaire invité à l'amphi Lwoff: Olivier Espéli (Collège de France)

Genomic contacts reveal the control of sister chromosome decatenation in E. coli


In bacteria, chromosome segregation occurs progressively, from the origin to the terminus, a few minutes after the replication of each locus. In-between replication and segregation, sister loci are maintained in an apparent cohesive state by topological links. Whereas topoisomerase IV (Topo IV), the main bacteria decatenase, controls segregation, little is known regarding the influence of the cohesion step on chromosome folding. We investigated chromosome folding in cells with altered decatenation activities. Within minutes after Topo IV inactivation, a massive chromosome reorganization takes place, associated with increases in trans-contacts between catenated sister chromatids and in long-range cis-contacts between the terminus and distant loci on the genome. A genetic analysis of these signals allowed us to decipher specific roles for Topo IV and Topo III, an accessory decatenase. Moreover we revealed the role of MatP, the terminus macrodomain organizing system and MukB, the E. coli SMC in organizing sister chromatids tied by persistent catenation links. We propose that large-scale conformation changes observed in these conditions reveal a defective decatenation hub located in the terminus area. Altogether, our findings support a model of spatial and temporal partition of the tasks required for sister chromosome segregation.

Séminaire invité par CRP, donné en présentiel à l'amphi Lwoff, et en visio sur Zoom: https://insa-lyon-fr.zoom.us/j/94253709066