15 oct
Vendredi 15 Octobre, 9h00. Amphi Lwoff & Webex

Xavier Nicolai: Anchoring proteins to Peptidoglycan (Séminaire MTSB)

The art of anchoring proteins to the peptidoglycan of Gram-negative bacteria

In bacteria, the peptidoglycan layer (PG) acts as a skeleton: it confers cell its shape while providing protection against the stresses from the environment. PG is also an excellent platform for protein attachment. Since its discovery in 1979 and until 2020, Braun's lipoprotein remained the only protein known to be covalently attached to PG in proteobacteria. My thesis aims at discovering other covalently attached proteins to PG in Gram-negative bacteria, deciphering the scope of this phenomenon and its molecular mechanisms.

Webex : https://univ-lyon1.webex.com/univ-lyon1/j.php?MTID=m536f2230e245c4673546...