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21 juin

Nous rejoindre

Accueil de chercheur(s) permanent(s) au sein du laboratoire MAP

Hosting permanent researcher(s) or team(s) at the MAP laboratory (Microbiology Adaptation Pathogenesis) in Lyon, France.


The MAP laboratory ( is a research institute in fundamental microbiology located in Lyon, a major research area in France, among which biology is a strong tenant. The five research groups of the MAP laboratory examine the molecular mechanisms of microbial adaptation to biotic and abiotic stresses, and all aspects of non-medical molecular microbiology research. The multidisciplinary approaches developed encompass genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and multi-omics on Bacteria, Archaea and Fungi.  Most of the projects are in line with societal concerns such as bioremediation of water and soils and food security via the fight against plant pathogens in the context of sustainable agriculture. The MAP is supported by the CNRS, the University of Lyon 1, the INSA-Lyon (National Institute of Applied Sciences) and the Bayer Crop Science Research Center.


MAP seeks one or two molecular microbiologist leaders to establish as PI or to integrate one of the five existing teams. Junior and senior candidates are welcome. The MAP will assist the candidate to secure extramural funding (ERC, ANR). Appropriate office and laboratory space for a team will be available. The selected candidates will receive start-up support, and benefit from modern infrastructures and technological platforms. 


Projects dealing with microbial adaptative processes (microbes in complex and/or extreme environments and between microbes and their plant hosts in pathogenic conditions) and developing innovative methods, including quantitative and computational approaches (Systems biology), advanced in vivo imaging and relevant omic approaches will be considered with particular interest.


Lyon is located in the heart of Europe, between Paris, the Mediterranean coast and close to the Alpes. The town combines economic dynamism and quality of life as it offers a mix of art, history, sophisticated shopping and famous gastronomic restaurants.



William Nasser, Head of the Microbiology Adaptation Pathogenesis Laboratory,


Applications should include a CV with references, a summary of achievements (1 page) and research project (2 pages)